Benefits of Having your Dog Groomed

Grooming is not just for keeping your pet looking good, but maintains an ideal level of hygiene and cleanliness. This ensures your dog’s good physical health and saves you from costly medical expenses down the line. Dog grooming isn’t an extra expense, some might view it as a luxury with which we indulge our pets. But dog grooming in Whangarei is necessary to keep our pets healthy, comfortable and smelling like roses, no matter what they dig up.

Why you should take your dog to the groomers?

A smelly dog can literally stink up a place. It’s also a sign you are not caring well enough for your dog as a pet owner.  A smelly dog may also cause issues with your landlord. The responsible thing to do is to bathe and groom the dog. If you cannot do this yourself, there are dog grooming specialists that can provide you with a range of pet care services from nail trimming, fur washing, fur cutting and flea checks.

Grooming provides adequate fur care. In Whangarei, there are many type dog breeds with different strands of coat and fur texture. Some canines are shorthaired breeds while some are double-coated with a downy undercoat. Dogs are silky, wiry or fluffy, its all part of what makes these loveable furballs unique. All kinds of dog fur need tending, they require special brushing techniques and deep fur washing. Even massaging. Matted and clumped hairs are painful for any dog especially when it dries close to the skin, which can lead to sores and infections if left unattended.

Pet grooming Whangarei is great for your dog’s overall health. There are many hygiene benefits to Whangarei dog grooming no matter what breed your dog is, so make it a part of your regular activities with your pet.

Why is dog grooming good for your canine fur baby:

When you should dog grooming start?

Start them young. Grooming can start around when your puppy is around 16 weeks old. Don’t wait too long, and certainly don’t wait until your puppy is fully grown to get used to the grooming process.

The first grooming session is made to be fun for the puppy; this is just to familiarise them with the grooming tools and the friendly dog grooming team from Zoomin Groom. It is advisable though that your pup should have the necessary shots before their first grooming session.

Professional Whangarei pet groomers know how to handle all kinds of dogs without the risk of getting scratched or bitten. These canine pros are very gentle and very much used to various dog temperaments. They will let you know if your dog is ready or will need some time to acclimate to grooming care. The first grooming experience should be a positive one involving play, light brushing and trimming.

It takes at least three sessions for a dog to become comfortable to all kinds of grooming methods. Such as being handled by other people, bathing and getting used to the loud noise of shearing tools and cutters, these sessions all take time and patience. The point is to get your dog comfortable, and looking forward to the experience.

As a dog owner, if you make the grooming process consistent and pleasant, your dog will not feel stressed out by the different grooming methods. The biggest benefit here is that your pet will look nice, comfy and fresh. It is just a quick call for the best Whangarei groomers to drop by!

Got pet care issues? Need your dog wash and clean without leaving your home?

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