Benefits of Regular Grooming

A pet can bring so much joy in our lives, it’s just fitting we give back the best care possible. They are fur babies after all.

Caring for a canine in Whangarei is more than the routine of feeding, walking, play time and vet visits. As a pet parent, you should know by now the importance of pet grooming. Our dogs deserve the best care.

Getting the best pet groomer in Whangarei is now possible, you don’t even need to come out of your home .With Zoomin Groom, all you need to do is call and we’ll come over to give your dog a fresh relaxing treatment of a wash and trim.

But before you do, here’s 7 fantastic reasons why your dog should get a pet full groom treatment in Whangarei:

When you should dog grooming start?

Just like regular people, dogs need bathing and care that alludes to a clean and healthy appearance. One of the very best ways we can take care of our pets is through regular dog grooming. A good scrub down can get rid of all the nasty dirt between the fur, any dead skin build up and wet fur smell. It’s hard to hug a dog that has that doggy smell. Instead get your dog fresh and clean through a good grooming routine.

Regular Claw and Nail Trim

Trimming dog nails is crucial to pet care. Regular nail-maintenance is important not for aesthetic reasons, but for functional reasons and health issues. Leaving your dog nails alone can cause overgrowth which can lead to painful walking and running. Long dog nails can create pressure on the nail bed and toe joints. Imagine, all that running and the impact it has on the nail bed, that impact can cause pressure on the foot. On some dogs, it can cause realignment of the joints, or if the nail splits it can cause long-term painful injuries. You can reduce the risk of bone deformations and bad posture on your dog through regular nail trimming.

Ear Checks and Ear Cleaning

Many dogs do not like having their ears touched, which can make cleaning very difficult. A professional groomer is highly trained at checking and cleaning dog ears. They know how to deal with prick, pointy and drop ears that a dog may have. Their goal is to get the ears properly cleaned without making it stressful for the dog. A groomer will let you know any possible signs of ear infections, or any object stuck inside the ear such as a weed, insect or toy, preventing any further health issues.

Early Detection of Abnormalities and Skin Issues

Whangarei dog groomers can chance upon any lump or bumps under your dog’s fur. They might even spot some skin lesions or strange growths on the skin. If this is a cause for concern they will let you know that you will need to take your dog to the vet. This early detection can even save your dog’s life.

Treating Pesky Fleas

Most dogs get fleas in the course of their natural life, and keeping fleas under control is crucial to your dog’s health.  A groomer often checks any dog they handle for fleas, mites and pest eggs. You may take a more serious approach to treat the fleas away with your regular vet, but a Whangarei dog groomer can alleviate the flea problem for now by washing the fur with a special anti-flea solution or clipping down your dog’s fur to slow down the growth of the flea infestation.

Addressing Matted Fur

Clumped and matted fur can be painful for a dog especially if it sticks to the skin.  Mats happen in areas of the dog’s body due to constant friction. Areas under the collar, behind the dog ears or lower legs are pretty common where you can find fur matting.

Unfortunately, neglect and no regular grooming are the fastest way for a dog to get tangled fur mats. A Whangarei dog groomer can use a special de-tangling shampoo, after the bath, this is followed by a very gentle and thorough brushing. If the matting is severe, they will need to shave that area of fur. They will then advise you to regularly brush your dog’s hair to prevent matting in the future.

Shiny coats and Less Shedding

Your dog deserves a healthy, shiny coat.  Taking your dog regularly to a Whangarei groomer to have their fur deeply washed and gently brushed will improve the quality of their coat. The natural oils of their skin will spread around their coat giving the dog a natural and healthy luster. When the dog’s outer coat is in good condition, you can expect less fur shedding around the home.

Whangarei Dog Grooming Services Near You

Grooming might seem like an expense at first, but it adds to your pet’s longevity and well-being. Plus Zoomin dog grooming make the dog groomin a special time for your dog. You shouldn’t hesitate to follow through and make dog grooming as regular as possible.

When your dog is healthy and happy, it will let you know with its loving and playful demeanor. Give your pooch a pampering today with Zoomin Groom.   

At Zoomin Groom, we are the Whangarei pet groomers that come to you. We handle full groom services from small breeds to large frisky breeds. Our pet grooming services range from shampoo and getting conditioned in a warm bath, ear and eye cleaning to nail trimming and getting a full body massage. Everything your pet needs to smell fresh and clean.

Call us today for mobile pet grooming services at Zoomin Groom 021 136 1103. We serve Whangarei and surrounding areas.